Chairman Speaks

Chairman SS Sandhu's views on Rajmaarg and 25 years of NHAI


Road to Glory - Projects

Know about the award winning NHAI projects at the National Highway Excellence Award 2019 in various categories


FASTag: India on Digital Highways

The turn of a new decade has been momentous in many ways for NHAI. Various new projects, excellence awards, implementation of FASTag - the beginning of our silver jubilee year has been busy and truly special. And to celebrate NHAI's 25 years, we now bring to you 'Rajmaarg' - the bi-monthly newsletter in its all new Digital and Video avatar. In this innovative format, you can now read and watch the Newsletter!

The inaugural Jan-Feb 2020 issue has the central theme of FASTag.

We look forward to your support in the form of suggestion and contribution in making Rajmaarg a grand success. Do visit the NHAI-social media handles - Like, Share, Comment!

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