EXPD releases a comprehensive blogger’s report on launch

The first property of EXPD, a specialised digital and content wing of Avian Media, called ‘India Blog Trends 2016’ has been launched. We spoke to 100 popular bloggers across lifestyle, technology, travel, parenting, and food sectors and collated the data. This blogger report is a comprehensive look at how the modern blogging ‘industry’ works and gives brands useful insights that will allow them to reach passionate, ready-to-engage consumers.

An online survey was conducted where a total of 18 questions were asked. We also reached out to select bloggers over the phone for detailed insights and inputs. Responses to each question were quantified and reflected in the infographic on this post.

The report reveals 90% bloggers charge a commercial fee for brands to engage in content partnerships, while 66% bloggers charge less than Rs. 25,000, and 4% charge over Rs.1 lakh on an average for the activities they conduct on behalf of brands. It also showed that 97% bloggers are okay to have brands reaching out to them with information and engagement ideas.

It went onto to foresee that more and more writers are moving towards making a full-time career out of blogging and are converting it into a business model that shares sponsored content, consultation, and opinions. Brands will also eventually need to come to terms with the idea that most bloggers will charge a fixed fee for brand partnerships, including product reviews, FAM trips, contests and sponsored write-ups. Lastly, we predict that while content with click- bait headlines might give the instant surge in traffic, it may not necessarily hold the readers’ attention and engage with them deeply. With Facebook lowering click-bait articles values in its feed, other social media channels might follow suit. This might dampen the prevalence of such content to an extent. In-depth meaningful writing will continue to hold its place and might even make a comeback as the dominant form of writing once again.

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Watch this space, as I will be writing more on the development of the report and EXPD.