Banda's Water Campaign enters Limca Book of Records

Bhujal Badhao Payjal Bachao (Enhance Ground Water, Protect Drinking Water) - a collaborative campaign on water by WaterAid India, Banda District administration and the community was recognized by the Limca Book of Records in February 2020 for most contour trenches built and most jal chouplas conducted.

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The Heroes & Sheroes of Change are Back!

To inspire. To lead. To make a difference. To change lives for the better. The heroes of change are back. Season 2 of the campaign brings in inspiring stories of men, women, children and communities from the field in our project areas who with grit and determination not only changed their fate with clean water, decent sanitation and good hygiene but also for their communities.

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Women lead the way in water quality surveillance

Water is a gendered burden, says Nirma Bora of WaterAid India and explores as a Women’s Day (8th March) special why women need to be trained and engaged in monitoring and surveillance of water quality at the community level in rural India and the difference it makes when they start to participate in village water supply systems.

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Mumbai's water needs leave nearby villages parched

The stark urban-rural divide and the preferential treatment that cities get over rural areas with cities in Maharashtra getting 400 percent more drinking water than villages even though 55 percent of Maharashtra is rural. A first in a three-part series for Firstpost, Parth MN, Journalist and a WASH Matters 2019 Media Fellow explores Maharashtra's water management process.

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The Bharalu river is a sewage channel

The Bahini-Bharalu, Guwahati's main river, carries a large chunk of untreated sewage and empties it into the Brahmaputra river. At several locations it is covered with a thick layer of plastics and other wastes. As one of India's most polluted rivers, its sewage is expected to go up, explores Nidhi Jamwal, Enviornment Editor of Gaon Connection and a WASH Matters 2019-20 Media Fellow.

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On the front line: The state of the world's water 2020

Climate change is happening now. WaterAid's World Water Day (22nd March) report reveals that countries most at risk from both climate change and low levels of access to clean water are often those that have done the least to contribute to climate change but are experiencing its impact now. It will be clean water and decent toilets as first lines of defence against climate change for communities when they are at their most vulnerable - during droughts, foods and other extreme weather events.

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WaterAid India & PepsiCo Foundation together improving Sustainable Access to Safe

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